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Villa Winter Fuerteventura

Villa Winter Fuerteventura, which takes its name from the builder Gustav Winter, is a mysterious residence and full off charm that almost hardly fits whit the quiet and lonely landscape of immense beach of Cofete.

Anciently had the task of fortitude and architectural features, historical elements and ambiguous stories, as maintaining of the machine Krupp, the family crest at the main entrance and binary that connect to the mountains. Important is the tower, a reference point and surveillance point, because maybe the people don’t know the presence of the airport on the beach. To date, the owner family, opens the house for the visit of tourists, no gain but only for the pleasure of making known these particular stories at all.Over the years have attempted to make it a spa or and a hotel so far without results, but in each case, depending on what will be the future use of this villa, will remain an enigmatic aspect to discover the history of Fuerteventura.

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Filmed and edited By Fuerteventura TV & Andrea Ru



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