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Weather and Temperature in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura lays in Atlantic Ocean, 108 km from the northwest mainland African coast. It has an average of 320 days of sunshine per year and the weather and temperature in Fuerteventura stays around mid twenties all year long, so it is being called “the island of eternal spring”.

Although the pleasant weather, the island still has a distinction between summer and winter seasons. On the other hand, Fuerteventura rarely experiences some temperature extremes.

The island is cooler in summer than other nearby holiday resorts, so many people come here to escape from the unpleasant heat of the mainland. Comparing to other Spanish islands like Balearic, winter in Fuerteventura is warmer and you can sun bath even in winter months.


The average temperature during summer months are from 29ºC to 30ºC. As it is a windy island, sometimes wind masks the real temperature, so caution is advised. With low humidity and very little rainfall, when the sun sets the temperature goes to the low twenties. Water temperature in the summer months gets the average of 21ºC and is perfect to cool off. Summer season from May to August gives around 11 hours of sunshine each day. But if you prefer to avoid the peak summer months of July and August, time from May to June is the best to visit the island.


Fuerteventura is a popular destination to spend a warm and pleasant winter. During winter season, the weather stays really enjoyable as it gets temperature from 16ºC to 22ºC. Even at its coldest months in January and February, Fuerteventura’s average high is still 19ºC and gives around 7 hours of sunshine a day. However, from December to March, it is possible to get a full week of rainy and windy weather. The water temperature goes down to 14ºC in the coolest months, but during sunny days there are some people who still enjoy the water.

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