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Isla la Graciosa


Near Lanzarote La Graciosa along with Alegranza, Montaña clara, Roque del Este y del Oeste, are the natural park of the sea-land Chinijo Archipelago, (small local slang).Located northwest of Lanzarote, La Graciosa is accessible through any of the regular line vessels leaving the port of Órzola.



There are two centers of population; Caleta de Sebo and Pedro Barba, the latter gets its name thanks to the first inhabitants of the place: Pedro and Barbara (as "Roque" tells us , surely someone you will know ....)
Currently there are 627 phone book entries on the island of Graciosa and all of them live in Caleta de Sebo. Pedro Barba is only inhabited in the summer for some holidaymakers.
In Caleta de Sebo you can find everything you need, a few restaurants at a great price, a couple of supermarkets, a fantastic bakery-pastry that probably you will visit, bicycle hire service and a couple of dive centers. Off Course, if you're into surfing, bring everything you need because you can not get even a bar of paraffin!
Walking through the streets of sand will teleport you to a time long forgotten. To explore the 27 km² island have several options:
1)Walk in his paths of sand with a backpack full of water and something to protect you from the sun.
2)Rent or bring your own bike (transport it's free in ferries line).
3)Hire the taxi services with one of the locals who have 4x4 car to visit the island.

To sleep well you have several options. Caleta de Sebo has a couple of pensions and many private homes at a great price, but if yours is camping outdoors, at the edge of town is the camping area provided with bathrooms with shower. (If this is your option, remember to request your camping permit directly on the official website of Tourism of Lanzarote).

La Graciosa
Do not forget to visit Montaña Amarilla,la playa de la Francesa o la Playa de las Conchas with its spectacular golden sands, superb views and the near Allegranza and Montaña Clara.

la graciosa Lanzarote
Graciosa Surfing is one of the many things you can do, although I have to say that it is not a place for beginners. Left wave:el Corral o Montaña Amarilla y derechas en : La Francesa, el Ganado o el Basurero.
Just don't think no more  and make your trip to La Graciosa Lanzarote, with friends, family or by youself... sure you will not forget.



by Kalimadelsur.

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Filmed by Kalimadelsur and GMCFUERTE & Edited by Andrea Ru


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