Logistic Services

Transportation of crew and equipment
Fuerteventura TV offers transportation services for the production team and its equipment in all places of the island needed to work with with the utmost seriousness and with conditions laid down. Logistics services, having the utmost respect and attention, includes the coordination and logistics of all necessary installations.

Vehicle rental
To make sure that production crew can easily relocate, Fuerteventura TV is able to rent any type of vehicle that is required by the production crew in any of the Canary Islands.

Accommodation rental
According to the budgetary possibilities, Fuerteventura TV can take care of comfortable accommodation for the production crew in the Canary Islands. Offering the ordinary or luxury apartments and hotels, the production team will be guaranteed to get its comfort zone after busy shooting day.

 Catering service
According to the requirements, Fuerteventura TV can arrange catering service for the production crew in any required shooting location or organize dinners/suppers during the stay in any of the Canary Islands.

If you are interested in more services like equipment rental of driver servicess

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