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Playa de la Mujer

Fuerteventura is truly the island of wonders. Playa de la Mujer is the beach guarded by a special "Woman".

Along the FV10, from Corralejo in a southerly direction, turn to Tindaya. Cross the town which takes its name from the sacred mountain and go through the maze of dirt roads towards the coast.
Perhaps it would be best to ask someone who can give you precise directions, otherwise it will be really difficult to get to your final destination.
The dirt road will end in a large sandy area where you can leave your vehicle and then walk to the grassy dunes that hide the beach, beyond them you will finally find  Playa de la Mujer .
This name stems from the singular form of a rock on the left side of the scenario that appears before. On that side, sharpening a little view, you can see the outline of a woman silhouetted on the horizon.
Here it is the Esmeralda beach , Playa de la Mujer!


It is also called the Beach of Tindaya, being the closest to the sacred mountain of Fuerteventura.
Looking at her carefully, and flying with fantasy, it seems that the "Mujer" is vigilating who park and walk on the golden sand , careful that all is done safely by following the rhythms of nature, typical condition that characterizes the island of Fuerteventura.
Playa de la Mujer is one of the many places of this island whose value can not be quantified. It might in vain to enclose the emotions that arise in the soul of those lucky enough to see her and restarne bewitched.
A long golden strip extends from north to south and invites you to follow it in bare feet, bathed by the crystal clear ocean waters that lap when it is calm. Fascinating and extraordinary instead is the show that you are in front of him when giant waves will befall furious above, reinforced by the tide and the wind that characterizes this unique corner of the planet in the Atlantic Ocean.
A piece of Planet Earth that we recommend to preserve respecting the nature...
If you decide to spend your time, do not leave traces of your presence or abandoning waste... La Mujer could stay there and not hurt the most welcome as she likes to do!


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Filmed By Fuerteventura TV and Casa Laura Fuerteventura edited By Surf House Fuerteventura


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