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EscapARaTE- Arte a Fuerteventura

Escaparate, A showcase for ' art in Fuerteventura


Bring Art in a shopping center, accessible to all, close to the people.

To showcase the artist's work, usually closed in the secret of his studio.

Debunking the cliches fed by the official art market, run by lobby swell phenomena advertising megamilionari.

Create a reference to the island of Fuerteventura for artists and art-loving public.

Respond to the crisis, which sees close many galleries, inventing new spaces.

These are the objectives of the Italian Tito di Pippo, creator and coordinator of Escaparate.

Meet him in his atelier "Art Quijote ",in the Mall El Campanario Corralejo, painting or creating sculptures inspired by the island and the myth of Don Quixote, which has always been identified.

Walking through the avenues of the same center - a small elegant "pueblo canario" - you can see other works by international artists who take turns in exhibitions in the windows of the premises.


For those visiting Fuerteventura, Escaparate is a stop not to be missed.


Fuerteventura, 03/11/2011


Ida Mastromarino



Vuoi vedere un divertente video su una vacanza surfistica a Fuerteventura. Fuerteventura Surf House

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